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But we, who are already in a position, need to do everything possible to protect the child and ourselves.

And judging by the fact that I have never been sick in 6 months, there wasn’t even a hint of a runny nose, they protect the immune system, now in the conditions of coronovirus this is very, very important for me and the baby. I know that some women who planned the baby, so far abandoned this idea until better times, I understand them.

I drink the second month of loans, they do not overload the liver, I am very sensitive to this, not every complex I can drink. Judging by the ultrasound positively affect the fetus.

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But it is better to order immediately via the Internet, many sellers in ordinary pharmacies did not even hear about loans.

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I take courses regularly. I really like the taste and the fact that you need only a few drops. Convenient shape and easy application.

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And then I changed my place of residence and already in the consultation there the doctor told me that you can drink loans, since there is liposomal iron and there is no vitamin A, such troubles as they were - will not happen. Well, I drank this VMK, the entire third trimester and another half a year at the Guards. Hemoglobin was normal all this time. The complex is good, correct, effective. I highly recommend it to pregnant women. I had increased homocysteine, so at loans Mom, it decreased by 3.5 units in a month. I believe that this is a very good result, before that I saw femibion ​​2 and the result was worse - a decrease of 0.8 in 2 months.